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Why Body Contouring?


no downtime



safe and risk free




Destroys fat cells by disrupting cell membrane


Body eliminates fat cell waste in 72hours


4-16 Sessions for best results

Skin tightening

how it works

Uses radiofrequency energy to ​stimulate collagen production ​and improve the tightness and ​elasticity of the skin.


the face, arms, legs, ​abdomen, back,

and butt.

vacuum Therapy

how it works

Vacuum therapy lifts and ​tones the skin using ​negative pressure.


enhancing the butt, breast, hips and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Laser Lipolysis

how it works

Low level light is used ​to penetrate fat cells ​and cause Lipolysis ​(destruction of fat ​cell).

Great For

the chin, arms, legs, ​back, abdomen,and ​cellulite

Cavitation Body Sculpting Treatments


how it works

Utilizes ultrasound to ​vibrate and destroy fat ​cells.


the abdomen, arms, ​legs, and back.

Wood Therapy

how it works

A holistic treatment that ​utilizes wood tools to ​contour the body.

Great for

Any area of the ​body including the ​face.

Massage therapy


how it works

Body contouring serums are ​deposited into the skin using ​Electroporation.


any part of the body ​including chin.

client reviews


Ashley is so great at body contouring and she is affordable. Her office is centrally located right off the highway, which I love. She has so much knowledge on body contouring I always learn so much from her at my appointments and trust her opinion and expertise. I can’t wait to do more services here in the future.

Quotation Mark


Ashley is so kind and talented! I have returned for several sessions of body contouring and definitely see results. Highly recommend

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Body Sculpting FAQ

What is Body Sculpting ?

Body sculpting, also known as body contouring, is a non-surgical ​procedure aimed at improving the shape and appearance of the ​body. It involves various techniques and treatments that target ​specific areas to enhance definition, reduce stubborn fat , and ​tighten skin, resulting in a more toned and sculpted physique.

Is Body Sculpting Safe?

Body sculpting is considered safe when performed by trained ​professionals. Non-invasive techniques used in body sculpting ​treatments are generally low-risk and have minimal to no downtime ​or side effects. It's important to disclose any medical conditions or ​concerns to ensure the procedure is suitable for you.

Are you a candidate for body sculpting?

Body sculpting procedures are suitable for individuals who are close ​to their ideal body weight but may struggle with localized areas of ​excess fat or lack of muscle tone. It is important for candidates to have ​realistic expectations and understand that body sculpting is not ​intended as a weight-loss solution. Schedule a consultation to ​determine if you are a good candidate based on your individual goals ​and needs.

Are the results of body sculpting permanent?

Body sculpting can provide long-lasting results, but it is important to ​maintain a healthy lifestyle to sustain those results. While the treated ​fat cells are permanently eliminated in some procedures, it's still ​possible to gain weight in other areas if a balanced diet and exercise ​routine are not maintained. Consistency with healthy habits can help ​ensure the longevity of body sculpting outcomes.

Does body sculpting hurt?

Most body sculpting treatments are well-tolerated and involve little ​to no discomfort. Some techniques may cause a temporary sensation ​of cold, warmth, or mild tingling during the procedure. Non-invasive ​procedures are designed to be comfortable, and your provider will ​ensure your comfort throughout the treatment session.

How long is a body sculpting session ?

The duration of a body sculpting treatment session can vary ​depending on the specific procedure and target area. In general, ​treatments range from 30 minutes to a few hours. Most techniques ​require multiple sessions spaced one week apart to achieve optimal ​results. Your provider will be able to give you a more accurate ​estimate based on your personalized treatment plan.

How many sessions are needed for optimal ​results?

The number of sessions required can vary based on the individual's ​goals, the specific procedure, and the targeted area. Your provider ​will recommend a personalized treatment plan after assessing your ​needs during your consultation.

How long does it take to see results with body ​sculpting?

The timing of results may vary depending on the procedure and ​individual factors. Some individuals may start noticing improvements ​immediately, while others may take several weeks to see the final ​outcome.

Is body sculpting a substitute for weight loss?

Body sculpting procedures in are not intended as a weight loss ​solution. They are best suited for individuals who are close to their ​ideal weight but desire more targeted improvements in specific areas ​of the body. To achieve weight loss it is recommended to combine ​body sculpting with a healthy lifestyle.

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